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Many of my articles and books are meant to increase the awareness of design as a valuable resource for change but I also write about whatever I can’t stop thinking about.


Branding for Nonprofits: Developing Identity with Integrity and Design Issues are published by Allworth Press. Both are available at better bookstores and

Magazine Articles on Design by DK Holland

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Here is a partial list of past articles:

Topic: Our need to work together

Cooperative! Torn Between Me and We, Parts 1-4
Communication Arts, 2012

Not in Agreement: Progress is so messy
Communication Arts, 2012

Uncommon Sense
Communication Arts, 2012

Topic: Rethinking your perspective

Learning to Be Happy, Parts 1 and 2
Communication Arts, 2011

Topic: Why we believe

Tiny Miracles
Communication Arts, 2011

Topic: Why we love to be afraid

Boogie Men
Communication Arts, 2011

Topic: The big picture on design and design education

Blow Up the Design School Parts 1 and 2
Communication Arts, 2011

Design used to inspire greatness. Can it again?

Bringing Hope Back to Design
Communication Arts, 2009

Believe in Magic
Communication Arts, 2009

What’s Changed – Besides Everything
Communication Arts, 2008

The Mind of the AIGA: Where Does Design Go from Here?
Communication Arts, 2004

Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns: One Designer’s View of the 1993 AIGA National Conference
Communication Arts, 1994

Graphic Design Education: Struggling Through those Awkward Teenage Years
Communication Arts, 1992

Topic: Thinking about thinking

Being Human
Communication Arts, 2011

Helter Skelter
Communication Arts, 2010

Thinking in Systems Design and Otherwise, Parts 1 and 2
Communication Arts, 2010

Topic: Ethics and emotions collide

Where Our Wild Things Are, Parts 1 and 2
Communication Arts, 2010

Deceit of Packaging
Communication Arts, 2008

Capture Your Imagination
Communication Arts, 2008

Knock on Wood
Communication Arts, 2007

Topic: For the love of Outsider Art

Disobey the Giant
The Post Graffiti Art Movement
Communication Arts, 2007

Topic: The TED Conference – for those who can’t go / want to understand its evolution

Communication Arts
TED: The Future We Create
Communication Arts, 2006

TED: This is not a Conference
Communication Arts, 2005

The Future Belongs to Those Who Create It
The TED 2004 Conference
Communication Arts, 2004

A Blind Man Juggles: A Deaf Woman Plays the Vibes
The 2003 TED Conference: Reasons for Hope
Communication Arts, 2003

Meme Machine, The Annual TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference Stimulates and Promulgates New Ideas About the World
Communication Arts, 2002

Topic: Understanding the design profession in America

The Aspen Design Summit
Communication Arts, 2006

Topic: Technology and its implications

Reweaving the Web
written with Ben Whitehouse
Communication Arts, 2006

Topic: The non profit/design conundrum

Cause & Effect, Why Now, More than Ever, the Nonprofit World Needs Design and Vice Versa
Communication Arts, 2002

Various and sundry topics:

The Play Imperative, Why Some Americans Must Have More Fun
Communication Arts, 2001

Anna, The Queen of I-Am
Adbusters, 2001 (fiction)

Keeping Promises, The Impact of Brands on Society, Parts One and Two
Communication Arts, 1998

Discovering America (Or Someplace Close Enough)
Communication Arts, 1997

Paranoia: How to Get Some if You Don’t Have Any Already
Communication Arts, 1997

Root of the Problem
Communication Arts, 1995

The Designer and Client Partnership
Communication Arts Magazine, 1995

Anatomy of a Graphic Designer
AIGA Journal, 1994

Four Contemporary Japanese Designers
Communication Arts, 1994

Speaking Volumes: The Crying Need for Writings on Graphic Design
AIGA Journal, 1993

The Merchandising Designers
Communication Arts, 1993

Alternative Toys: Ninja Turtles Go Home!
Print Magazine, 1992

Think First, Design Later, How Market Research is Affecting the Evolution of Graphic Design
Communication Arts, l992

Graphic Design, An Unprotected Frontier of Intellectual Property
Design Management Journal, 1991

91% of All Americans Lie Regularly
AIGA Journal, 1991

How Bad is Bad? And How to Make It Better
AIGA Journal, 1990

Design Books by DK Holland

Design Issues
Design Issues
Editor, Writer and Art Director
Rockport/Allworth, 2002

Marketing By Design
Author and Art Director, with Cheryl Lewin
Rockport/Allworth, 1995

Graphic Design: New York (Volumes 1 and 2)
Organizer and Co-Art Director, with Michael Bierut and William Drenttel
Rockport/Allworth, 1992, 1995

Graphic Design: America (Volumes 1 and 2)
Organizer and Co-Art Director, with Michael Bierut and William Drenttel
Rockport, 1992, 1995

Looking Closer (Volumes 1 and 2)
Co-Editor, with Steven Heller, Michael Beirut and William Drenttel Rockport/Allworth Press, 1992, 1995

Design in Depth
Co-Organizer and Co-Art Director, with Roger Whitehouse
Rockport/Allworth, 1993

Great Packaging
Great Package Design (Volumes 1 and 2)
Author and Art Director, with Cheryl Lewin
Rockport/Allworth, 1991, 93

Signs and Spaces
Signs and Spaces
Organizer and Co-Art Director, with Roger Whitehouse
Rockport/Allworth, 1992

Books reviewed by DK Holland

Design by Nature by Maggie McNab, Communication Arts 2011

Chasing the Perfect by Natalia Ilyin
Communication Arts, Dec 2006

On Brand, by Wally Olins
Communication Arts magazine, Sept/Oct 2004

Designing Brand Identity, by Alina Wheeler
Communication Arts magazine, Mar/Apr 2004