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Kids get engaged in their communities

Many of America’s 70 million school age kids have not a clue where they fit in the vast spectrum of our democracy. Many adults don’t either! Yet when given the opportunity we (kids and adults) are much more apt to be proactive at home, in school or within a peer group and individual opportunity at the core of our civil society.

Very young children have an inherent appreciation of the values (tenets) of democracy, including community engagement and responsibility. These kids will face some daunting tasks in shaping the future when they grow up. But, in New York City, 2 out of 5 kids drop out of school and of the remaining 3, only 1 will be ready to go on to college upon graduation. Chances are slim that the rest will be prepared to have a career or engage in civic life either.

How can we help them?

How can we help them? Why does the innate spirit of kids have to get smashed or subverted?

Inquiring Minds encourages critical, creative thinking, empathy and dialogue by providing highly visual, non-linear, interactive tools that engage K-12 kids to explore the future: We explore the values of our democracy in the process.

Our team combines top talent and expertise in civics, design and design thinking, learner-centered teaching and facilitation, and transmedia communications.

We have teamed up with the educators across the country including private and public elementary schools. Among them are the team who developed the College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for K-12 and are helping to launch C3. The key to C3 is the four dimensions of the Inquiry Arc, a critical thinking process the C3 team has structured for kids to learn to question, assess, verify and communicate their findings. The College, Career and Civic Life Framework, which Inquiring Minds designed.

Inquiring Minds is also improving the physical classroom experience in ways that encourage kids to develop curiosity, to imagine a bright future, and map a plan to become active, engaged citizens.

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Inquiring Minds is a spin off of Citizen:Me. Pictured at the top of the home page are Citizen: Me teammates (left to right) Sharoz Makarechi, Becky Colley, Donna Cordner, DK Holland and Monica Snellings.

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