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DK’s TEDtalk –

What if you didn’t have to work just to make a living? What would you chose to do? I faced this reality in 2001. After spending my entire adult life focused on my career as a designer, creative director, writer, strategist working to fulfill my client’s needs, working 60 hour weeks, I was suddenly free to rethink how to spend my time.

No, I didn’t win the Lottery: I had an epiphany: Having more money would not make me more happy nor would that make me more useful nor more fulfilled. Probably the opposite. So I rid myself of my cute little VW Beetle and bought a bicycle. I rid myself of my prestigious Manhattan design firm. Said bye bye to my employees and my business partner. I started to focus on how I could (in an admittedly small way) apply my talents and expertise to have a more positive effect on the human condition.

15 years later

Now having had a number of accomplishments in various arenas, I have arrived at my new focus: As a founding partner in Inquiring Minds USA. And if you see little activity on this site its because I’m thoroughly immersed in developing ways to encourage kids to be curious and courageous about their futures: In particular, a future in which they play an active role and grow to become active innovators, engaged citizens. In the photo above, I’m on the stage at TED giving a talk about the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders I worked with this year creating councils (run by the kids themselves) at a high poverty public elementary school in Brooklyn. For more on this work, please visit me at Inquiring Minds.

DK during a taping of a kindergarten class for Inquiring Minds at PS 20 in Brooklyn where she volunteers (2011).

DK during a taping of a kindergarten class at PS 20 in Brooklyn


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